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Mid-Atlantic Permaculture

Productive gardens for every lifestyle.

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My name is Melissa and I am here to share my passion for permaculture with you!  Creating the permaculture property of your dreams can be a big undertaking and I hope that by sharing my own experiences, you will feel empowered to take whatever the next steps are in your journey!  Everyone has a right to homegrown, super nutritious food and we can all benefit from an outdoor space that supports us mentally, physically and spiritually.  I firmly believe that!  So whether you are a busy parent of 5 kids or you're retired; whether you are excited for the future or afraid of it; whether you make millions or barely scrape by; I want to help you achieve the joy and satisfaction I have found in being responsible for my own existence.  Dive into my learning center to see how you can care for your property so that it cares for you! 

Strawberry harvest in Maryland backyard

"Truly responsible conservationists have gardens" ~Bill Mollison


What is stopping you from creating the permaculture property of your dreams?

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